Booking the Stunt Ventriloquist for a live show is a great way to make your event an authentic community experience that gives your patrons a memory to share. The comedy is clean, the puppets’ characters are larger than life and the audience will be wowed by a combination of circus and ventriloquist skills that both entertain and delight.

Ventriloquists are often categorized as technically skilled at vocal illusion OR Funny...Tim is both. Having performed at festivals and events internationally and across Canada for almost 2 decades, Tim Holland the Stunt Ventriloquist has the experience and talent to make your next event a raging success.


Theatres (50 minutes)

Holding a theatre festival or ticketed event? Best suited to theatres, indoor venues, and staged events, this show offers family-focused entertainment that is engaging for all ages.

Outdoor Shows & Festivals (30 minutes)

­ The Stunt Ventriloquist that does what?! Tim creates the curiosity and draw to bring people through the gates. Great for outdoor events where passers­by can join the audience as a show unfolds, then happily move on to discover the next attraction on the grounds.*This show is excellent combined with a Strolling show by the Petit Chef!

Company or Private Party (30-45 minutes)

Planning a private party or company holiday event? The Stunt Ventriloquist offers a memorable experience and Tim is happy to sing in a certain jolly, dressed in red holiday visitor after his show.

Strolling Entertainment (30 minutes)

­ Meet the Petit Chef!, a 9-foot tall, inflatable stilt character with amazing visual impact. With a chicken puppet in a roaster, the Petit Chef wanders aimlessly through the crowd, giving culinary advice and chatting with his half­baked chicken in an outrageous French Accent. *Strolling shows are typically booked in combination with Outdoor Show (s) as part of a daily program.